Canon Rebel XSi-XSi - I should buy the Canon Rebel

Personally, I would choose the Canon Rebel XSi unless you had some extra money that didn't know what to do with. And I have some good reasons. Canon has always been at the top of the digital camera market and in particular at the top of the market (along with the Nikon) REFLEX. Your Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras are all excellent. It could not make a mistake when you purchase any of them.

Even the lowest line of Canon , the Canon rebel DSLR, it is very well classified by all the camera review sites. A serious while there are a lot of really good to choose various Canoncameras, not every one of them is a great option, and you would have to do some research before making their purchase decision, unless you had some inside information of a friend professional photographer. But buying a Canon DSLR is a no-brainer. They are all good. You will be truly impressed with the quality of the images.

OK, well can you choose the Rebel XSi on the XSi? It is due to the prices. The XSi is more than $150 cheaper it's younger cousin, the XSI. And for the beginner photographer (which is what most of us is when we are buying our first entry-level DSLR) differences in technology of the two cameras are virtually non-existent. The exception is the high definition video. If you have video digital camera, should get a Canon Rebel XSi. Otherwise, go with the XSi.

Use the $150 save to buy an extra lens or tripod.

Bottom line, if you're wondering the question "what rebel Canon should I buy"... You do not make a mistake, because both are fantastic. Buy an Canon Rebel XSi or XSi will transform your life photo, especially if you have this lens extra. Make a macro or a zoom to give you a little more than flexibility.

You might want to take a look of real for each one of these cameras specifications. There is a great comparison in

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Canon PowerShot A2100 IS Digital camera

If you're new to digital cameras, below, you will find the Canon PowerShot A2100 IS digital camera is easy to use and easy to navigate function buttons. At the top you will find the power button and a mode dial with more than 10 shooting options. Shooting options include a program mode, Auto mode, easy mode and movie mode. In addition, other modes of popular scene (portrait, interiors, landscape and an SNA option for settings that are not used as frequently as the snow, sunset, Sun and Aquarium settings) were also added. The mode dial can seem a bit complicated but it is actually quite easy to navigate.

The time interval between the start and the first shot is only 1.9 seconds. Tomas successive shootable with a time of shooting to shooting of 2.7 seconds. These speeds are quite decent for a camera in its class. The delay time increases slightly when using the flash, and increases the time to 6.9 seconds between shots of delay. The delay of the shutter in the Canon PowerShot A2100 IS is 0.9 seconds in darker lighting conditions and 0.6 second in bright lighting conditions.

The back of the Canon camera PowerShot A2100 IS features a directional pad and buttons that are marked in blue and white (White indicates the control options while you take pictures and blue while you are in playback mode). However, the Canon PowerShot A2100 IS is an inelegant basic compact camera. Easy controls, reasonable price and excellent photo quality makes a very good buy. I give 3 and a half about 5 stars.

For more information and comments, please visit Canon Powershot A2100IS []. For information and comments on other digital cameras, visit []

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Canon Powershot S51s - is the perfect camera for you?

If you are looking for the perfect camera for you, the Canon Powershot s51s is going to make you very happy. If you are tired of obsolete cameras, or looking to upgrade your current digital camera Canon Powershot s51s will meet your needs!

As with all cameras that can take hundreds of photos before you have to download and you can even print your photos anytime. But trying to choose among the hundreds in the market will not be easy. If you are not completely convinced that this House will meet your needs, then read the!

A good camera must have [mega pixels] excellent image resolution than the color dots that make up the image. If you want the images to be comparable to 35 mm photographs you need to pick a camera with 6 mega pixels or more. You would need to look through a magnifying glass to see the difference.

Another good feature to look for is the zoom optical which is the increase in the lens is really moved physics. The other type of zoom is digital, this is when the zoom is achieved electronically increasing the size of each pixel. 35 mm cameras use only optical zoom while digital cameras can do both things.

I like a camera digital has a movable large, preferably en color LCD screen, giving the user a clear view of the image, before deciding whether to keep it or delete it and take another. Another neat feature is that you can scroll through the images in the form of slides.

Canon Powershot s51s Digital camera has 8 mega pixels...12 X optical zoom... 2.5-Inch vari-angle high resolution LCD screen. Buy a good Digital camera doesn't have to be hard...Canon s51s is an excellent choice in a 8-megapixel camera. Offers unsurpassed quality, features and will meet or exceed their expectations on a Digital camera. Click here for a full review of the Canon EF 75-300 mm Telephoto Zoom

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5 D Mk2 - the Cannon SLR Digital camera for me

There are loads of reasons by the 5 D Mk2 is the ideal choice if you are planning on getting a Cannon Digital SLR. The AF system is precise and very fast when using single-shot mode, the automatic exposure system is also very precise and sets only the correct settings for the camera. But before we gush on and on how great a camera Canon 5 D Mk2 is, let's first break the basic functions of the camera.

21-Megapixel 5 D Mk2 has a 3 inch LCD display that is capable of displaying more than 900.000 pixels of different colors. The LCD in this baby is probably the best you will never find in a camera digital SLR. The Live View function is also extremely useful for a critical approach, however, can only use it for a certain period of time because it drains the battery in the camera. Using Live View too will also cause the CMOS circuits to heat, which in turn adds noise to the shots you take.

The Canon 5 d Mk2 comes with battery grip BG-E6 optional which makes it easier to hold the camera. The battery grip can simultaneously accommodate six AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries and two Canon lithium batteries. The 5 d Mk2 is also capable of shooting video clips and short films. However, opinions say video mode does not have Customizable settings for ISO, shutter speed or iris. The only setting you can tweak in video mode is the color temperature. Some users also complain that the LCD screen not shown on-screen indicators to display the current settings of the camera.

However, there is a button for exposure lock that secure the camera's settings to any condition is displayed on the LCD screen at the exact moment that pressed the lock button. So what you basically do is to bread the 5 d Mk2 around the view and location, and when you find a good adjustment of brightness, color and exposure, the exposure lock button is pressed. The trouble is that the exposure lock is reset after each shot or scene, giving exhibitions inconsistent if you have multiple takes.

The Canon 5 d Mk2 shoots 30 frames per second, not 29.97. The difference of 0.03 FPS means you have to use a program (like Apple Cinema Tools) to change the header of each file before you can edit your material to the 29.97 fps, 1080i or 1080p normal timeline. But if you are only shooting videos for release of high quality on the web, the 30 fps should not be a problem. However, the 5 d Mk2 is a good option for a Cannon SLR digital camera. But if it will be used mostly for video, you might want to reconsider getting a model that works to 29.97 fps instead.

Get the perfect camera, is never an easy thing, especially with the way in which digital technology is constantly changing. Fortunately, there are many useful sites online, which you can then narrow your search, and help you find the camera with all the features important to you.

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Canon Powershot SX200 is review

The Canon Powershot SX200 IS provides much more than the standard zoom lens, but manages to maintain a smaller, more compact size you normally find on digital cameras with lenses more long. Standard features include a 12 megapixel sensor and a 12 x optical zoom. The minimum focal distance of the lens is 28 mm. This gives the ability of wide-angle Powershot SX200 IS. This can be a great advantage when taking photos of scenes wide such as landscapes and buildings as the camera is capable of squeezing extra width in the shot. For all lenses gives you many options, allowing you to get closer to distant scenes, as well as to take those shots of the great scene.

Another major attraction is likely to manual exposure mode. This allows you to define the size, speed and shutter opening. When deciding on the opening combination to gain shutter speed and size much greater creativity on how your shot will appear. If you prefer something easier you can change to the fully automatic mode. It is also possible to disable the menu options and many other controls to the Powershot SX200 IS become an incredibly straightforward point and shoot camera. This flexibility can appeal to families where one or more members would be as the control that these manual features offer while others in the family would like to ease offered by the simple point and shoot mode.

The manual focus is available in addition to the manual exposure setting. Canon has also included a Servo AF mode. This is an auto focus adjustment that helps the Powershot SX200 IS keep subjects moving clear. Image stabilisation is also available. With one lens this function takes more importance and can make the difference between blurry photos and crisp images.

If you want the opportunity to film the occasional movie clip is likely that like knowing that the Powershot SX200 IS is capable of capturing high-definition short films. Although a digital camera like this does not offer the same functionality as a camcorder the capacity to cover a quick piece of footage of video now and then, it may be a major attraction.

As I mentioned earlier the body size is smaller than many super digital zoom cameras. It will still struggle to put the camera in a pocket. The body is made of aluminum and you can choose from models in three different colors. A more traditional black is more blue and red. Canon has not found space for a viewer, but has included a 3 inch LCD screen to compose images and access the menu system. The flash unit appears at the top of the camera when you turn it on. This may not seem important, but I like the way Canon have implemented this feature. Close the flash away when the camera is not in use help to protect it from accidental damage. The fact that skip automatically means that you can not forget to skip flash and therefore loses an important flash explosion. Finally jumping upwards, the flash unit moves that bit away from the lens. This can help to reduce the amount of red eye in low-light portraits.

When it comes to image quality I was impressed by the results with the Canon Powershot SX200 IS. I was able to produce a series of crisp, sharp photos with lots of color and high gloss. If I was looking for a digital camera compact super zoom would be happy owner of this.

Andy writes and reviews for cameras. View their test shooting and ratings on the Canon Powershot SX200 IS

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Nikon D3000 tries to compete with the Canon Rebel XSi - Nikon D3000 compares the Canon XSi

It is interesting to see the arrival of a new camera in the Canon or Nikon DSLR line. There is always so much anticipation. It is like waiting for the announcement of the best film at the Academy Awards. Each interested person knows why "their" favorite should win the prize.

In the case of Canon and Nikon, the rivalry has been constant. And since the advent of the sub-$ 1000 DSLR, has been more intense. Camera manufacturer can dominate the market with its latest version. The original Canon Rebel 300 D and the Nikon D40 were extremely popular (and the D40 continues to sell well).

The great part about the purchase of a new digital SLR camera for the first time is that you can't go wrong choosing a Canon or Nikon. The reasons for making the leap from a digital compact point and shoot to a DSLR can be one of several. Usually there is a progression on the experience of the photographer who moves from the more complex casual picture and the need to have more control over the output of the camera which is available in the p & s models In fact, some digital compacts offer some additional control, such as the Canon G10, but the photographer has not yet the ability to change lenses.

This progression is usually happens to a professional level DSLR compact digital to an entry level DSLR. Each of these cameras offer more control the front and of course the price also increases.

Do compare the Nikon D3000 with the Canon XSi? Here are some features of each:

Nikon D3000 vs Canon XSi

Sensor size: 10.2Megapixels vs 12Megapixels
ISO: 100-1600 vs 100-1600
LCD:                            3.0"                  vs        3.0"
3.0 Fps continuous shooting vs. 3.5 fps
Video                             no                  vs          no
Kit lens 18-55 mm VR vs. 18-55 mm is

This is only a compressed comparison. But you can see that, apart from the difference in 2MP Sensor size, practically there is no difference in these two cameras specifications. It will be interesting to see how the new Nikon coincides with his older brothers.

Why not take the time to see a list of depth for the Nikon D3000 and Canon XSi camera features, as well as the reasons upload to a DSLR in while you're there, check the cameras and the Blog of thingsmore.?

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Things really do not like the Canon Powershot A590 IS Digital camera

As much as I love the digital camera Canon Powershot A590, there had to be some imperfections. After all, it is a compact digital camera for under $150. No one should expect the absolute perfection of any technology in that price range. Having said that, everything still sincerely recommend this camera to anyone looking for a compact. It is important to understand the shortcomings before you buy.

If you use flash very quickly you will notice that it takes a long time for the batteries to recharge the flash in the following image. AA batteries are partially to blame. Although I am sure that is a point of design, the screen goes blank after that flash has been triggered, you can still be a bit annoying. Anyone using an external flash should not be a problem. AA batteries are convenient and available, but not without its drawbacks.

Although I know that you part of the reason for the lower 2½ inches LCD is to allow for an optical viewfinder, is still a problem. Obviously, this LCD is not designed for sustained display of images. Okay that quickly frame your photos and taking a quick glance to make sure that you have captured the photo you wanted.

A histogram is an indispensable tool in taking digital pictures. Or to edit entries and photos. It is one of the best ways to ensure that your photos will have a precise exposure through all ranges of color. While the A590 shows a histogram after taking the jar, the histogram function is absent. This is unfortunate, as the addition of a histogram would have done the A590 truly a remarkable amount of camera.

The opening of the A590 is also a little on the small side. It is a f/2.6 to f/4.0. A range of f/2.0 to f/5.5 would have been more desirable. The widest range would allow less noise from image in conditions of low light and improved capacity to freeze live action shots.

While this is a compact camera, at an incredibly affordable price, it would be much more expensive to incorporate a lens wide angle or unrealistic. Although I can understand why the types of marketing I would prefer to see more zoom capabilities than wide-angle improvements. Zoom technology, more understood by demographic likely to buy your camera.

Consumers increasingly more these days using their digital cameras to shoot video. While the A590 video is much improved over previous models, there are still some things that Canon could have done better. Setting FPS drops to 20, to shoot at higher resolutions such as 640 x 480. Camera power shot earlier series PowerShot A have a setting of 30 FPS. Canon obviously thinks that consumers are not interested in slightly rough videos.

I have several times due to problems with not cramming too many megapixels in a smaller image sensor, but it seems to be listening. You can find that at higher ISO settings, your images will get a little noisy. Although it may be more difficult to sell a six megapixel camera for less than $150 and then an eight-megapixel camera, the six megapixels would produce best pitchers of cleaners. A manual adjustment would be a good compromise in the situation. Unfortunately, none is present.

Sorry to sound too critical at times, as the Canon A590 is still a great value for the price. If you were buying one however, I would like to know all the advantages and disadvantages regardless.

Visit for more information and discounts on Canon A590IS good digital cameras and it's competition.

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